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            Adding an Applet to the Total Control Premier menu

            To add an applet that isn't in your Total Control Premier menu follow these instructions.
            1. First click 'Tools' at the top and then select 'Customise Menu'.
            2. Next right click a space in the menu and select 'Add Item (Applet)'. This will open the 'Add a Menu Item' window.

            3. From the list of 'Available Applets' find the menu item you would like to add and double click it. Once selected go ahead and click 'Accept'.

            If you click on your newly added button and it is not working make sure you have come out of customise modeTo do this go back to 'Tools' at the top and click 'Customise Menu'.
            After following these steps you can now use your newly added button.
            Updated: 08 May 2019 05:43 PM
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