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            Bartender SQL Statement which includes Shelf Location

            Paste this text below into the custom SQL statement field, update your template and you should have a new field appear for shelf location providing they are using the shelf locations within TCP.

            SELECT "dbo"."LabelQueueDetail"."LabelQueueDetailOrder", "dbo"."LabelQueueDetail"."LabelQueueDetailQty", "dbo"."LabelTemplate".*, DisplayTypes.DisplayTypeDescription
            FROM DisplayTypes INNER JOIN
            PLUs ON DisplayTypes.DisplayTypeIndex = PLUs.DisplayTypeIndex RIGHT OUTER JOIN
            LabelTemplate ON PLUs.PLUIndex = LabelTemplate.PLUIndex RIGHT OUTER JOIN
            LabelQueue LEFT OUTER JOIN
            LabelQueueDetail ON LabelQueue.LabelQueueCode = LabelQueueDetail.LabelQueueCode ON LabelTemplate.PLUIndex = LabelQueueDetail.LabelQueueDetailPLUIndex
            WHERE "dbo"."LabelQueue"."LabelQueueCode" = ?TC2Queue ORDER BY "dbo"."LabelQueueDetail"."LabelQueueDetailOrder" ASC
            Updated: 08 May 2019 05:43 PM
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