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            Creating and editing users in Total Control.

            Firstly go to the “setup” option of Total Control and then “User Maintenance”, this should then present the following screen.

            To add a new user simply select “add” and then fill in the fields, looking something like below:

            The “Full Name” is the name the user sees when the login.

            The “User Name” is used in conjunction with the password field.

            The “Password” has no requirements and can anything you want it to be, please note that if using an associated windows auth that a password is still required when creating the user however isn’t then required to login after.

            The “email address” is used for sending reports out to yourself, receiving notifications, messages and scheduling reports.

            The “security level” is dependent on what you want the user to be able to do inside Total Control, different levels will allow different permissions. By default the Supervisor user has the most permission inside Total Control.

            “Allow Menu customisation” determines if the user can change which applets are available to them in Total Control.

            “Associated windows auth.” Relates to the user on your machine, as you can see I have specified the domain and then my username to login to that domain.

            The global dashboard group allows users inside it to make changes to a dashboard everyone can see, the dashboard will load upon launch of Total Control. If you leave this unticked then each time that user logs in they will see their own customisable dashboard.

            Updated: 18 Mar 2019 12:42 AM
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