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            Disabling receipts printed during card transactions

            The system produces up to 3 per EFT transaction and we can choose which, if any, are produced. The options are:-

            GPoS VAT receipt – previously compulsory but from v158 upwards we can change this to follow the receipt setting. I.e. if the receipt is off this will not print.

            We then have a couple of Verifone Options that relate to the merchant and customer copies produced:-

            • C+P Transaction merchant copy on/off
            • C+P Transaction Customer Copy on/off

            • Contact-less Transaction merchant copy on/off
            • Contact-less Transaction customer copy on/off

            You are able to print a customer EFT receipt should a customer request it by using the receipt print option.

            We do recommend you check with your merchant provider before asking us to disable receipts as we have had instances where merchant providers have said that the merchant was obliged to keep copies of the merchant copies.

            When you have decided which receipts you would like to be issued/disabled please log a ticket to request the changes
            Updated: 08 May 2019 05:43 PM
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