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            Emailing Within Total Control Premier

            Within Total Control you are able to email out reports yourself and other members of staff with access to Total Control. This can also be used for ordering within the stock functions.

            This is done through the use of an SMTP server, a valid SMTP server must be setup first by someone within your IT department or someone with knowledge of SMTP servers.

            An SMTP server is a server of which you can send emails from.

            The details of this will then be put into Total Control’s general options tab. Found in the “Setup- General options” and it looks like the below.

            The “From address” is the address you want to show when emails get sent to yourself and therefore the login too. An example of this could be

            The “SMTP Address” is the address of which Total Control Premier looks at for the SMTP server.

            The “SMTP password” is the password you would use to get into the SMTP account, for example the login for a gmail SMTP.

            The “SMTP Port” is the port allowed through the firewall to run the SMTP server, can be 25 or either 465 for SSL and 587 TLS. (May change of specific email server).

            The “SMTP Username” is your SMTP email address.

            A suitable test to ensure you can use the emailing feature within Total Control would be to try sending a report to yourself. Generate a report and on the “notification” tab select the “email” 

            option, putting your email address used for work in there and selecting “finish” will send the report to you.

            Should it not send the error “Failed to execute to email” will appear. Please ensure you check all details have been entered without fault and that the ports have been allowed inbound/outbound access.

            Updated: 08 May 2019 05:43 PM
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