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            GPoS Release Notes v1-62

            GPoS SCO Mode not available on General Release

            Release Notes – (Changes History since V1.61 DB Version 161)

            GPoS V1.62.7058 and GPoS SCO V1.62.7058 (Supporting DB Version 162) (01/05/2019) 

            Pre-Requisites and Recommendations found here

            Known Issue: If using a finger print reader you will need to overwrite the DigitalPersonaBiometrics.dll found in the GPoS Program Files folder and run a SQL script to add the correct fingerprint engine system option. This patch and SQL script can be downloaded here

            New Features
            • New Features/Protocols (GPoS Front End)
            • GPoS SCO Mode (Self-Checkout).
            • The GPoS SCO Mode, allows a GPoS terminal to be utilised as a Self-Checkout system. This functionality is built into the existing till system but allows GPoS to be function in SCO Mode as opposed to the standard manned GPoS Mode. 
            • The GPoS SCO Mode, now supports both the ‘Diebold Nixdorf iScan Easy eXpress’ and ‘NCR SS90’ self check out units. 
            • GPoS SCO Remote Monitor (Self-Checkout).
            • The GPoS SCO Remote Monitor can be ran stand alone, Or as part of an existing GPoS setup.
            • Allows the user to remotely monitor multiple GPoS SCOs (Self-Checkout). 
            • Providing both a summary view where the state of multiple SCOs can be monitored at the same time and an administration mode providing more detail on the transaction be entered on a set SCO in additional to the ability to perform multiple function remotely.
            • Lock/Unlock the Terminal and shutdown the terminal.
            • Access a list of the last 20 transactions with option to reprint receipt on the SCO unit (With additional option to reprint on the remote monitor, when used as part of a GPoS System).
            • Ability to cancel just selected Items or entire Basket, or Lay away transaction for access on a GPoS running in standard mode.
            • Ability to deal with Restrictions and unknown products, Allows the user to remotely monitor multiple GPoS SCOs (Self-Checkout), and approve/deny restrictions as well as deal with unknown products remotely. 
            • Logwood KVM (Kitchen Video Monitor) Integration.
            • This new integration allow the send of orders to the ‘Raspberry Pi’ based ‘Logwood KVM’ Device. 
            • Different order statuses: Chef Item(Cooking), Collect Item(Plating), Cleared(Served), are clearly displayed on the KVM, with the ability to progress and regress orders between these statuses and the option of having different screens for the different statuses. 
            • Products can be assigned to courses (Starters, Mains, Deserts, Drinks) which are uniquely identified on the KVM screens. Providing access to advanced features such as course timers (showing how long orders have been in there different states), Order Holding (which places courses that follow on from a previous course, On Hold until that course has been cleared) and Order Waiting (which places a course in a waiting state to give time for the customer to eat the course that has been served prior to the next course is being progressed). This is done using a field called 'CourseID' which is against the Group2 used.
            • Support for a GPoS features such as ‘Set Menus’, ‘Condiment Groups’ and ‘Manual Instructions’, as well as many more exciting features. 
            • Basic Cook Area Support
            • A Basic method for supporting the ‘CookAreas’ feature of the logwood system has been added. This utilises the ‘ActivityID’ field, found on the sports booker tab on Product ‘Add/Edit’. When the system creates the send file utilised by the logwood system the field within that fiel used to indicate the ‘CookArea’, will be set to this value. Note: As the ‘ActivityID’ field is primarily for use with sport booker integration, integrating with both the Sports booker system, and the logwood systems ‘Cook Areas’ feature simultaneously will not be possible. Fuller support for this feature of the logwood system is planned for a future version of the GPoS and will utilise a separate dedicated field.  
            • IRC Program
            • With regard to both send and receive the ‘Touch Screen Layout’ element now communicates both the standard ‘GPoS Layout’ and the ‘SCO Screen Items’ (For use with GPoS in SCO mode).
            • An additional entry for communication of ‘restrictions’ has been added.
            • Sage 2019 Integration
            • GPoS Account now supports Sage 2019 (V25) Integration.
            • Connection Status Checks and Icons  
            • The system can now be set to check connection to a pre-determined host. This check takes place every 5 seconds and the result is displayed via and connection status icon in the bottom of the transaction grid, with green/red colouring indicating successful/failure. The connection check can be set to use a network ‘ping’ command, Or when the host is running GPoS it can be set to send a connection test using the same tcp channel as the debug command prompt (via port 9155).
            • [New General Options]
            • New Applet (GPoS Utility)
            • Restrictions 
            • New applet allowing for creation and management of ‘Restrictions’, which can be applied against Items at a product level. (For use with GPoS in SCO mode). 
            • SCO Screen Items
            • New applet allowing for creation of screens for the brand new front end user interface used by the self-checkout system (For use with GPoS in SCO mode).
            • Updated Applet (GPoS Utility)
            • Products  
            • An additional tab in the ‘Advanced Settings’ of a product allows a Restriction to be applied to a product (For use with GPoS in SCO mode).
            • IRC Program
            • With regard to both send and receive the ‘Touch Screen Layout’ element now communicates both the standard ‘GPoS Layout’ and the ‘SCO Screen Items’ (For use with GPoS in SCO mode).
            • An additional entry for communication of ‘restrictions’ has been added.
            • Peripherals
            • Additional Device type ‘Logwood KSSender’, for sending orders to the logwood KVM (see manual referenced above for info).
            • Group 2
            • Additional field ‘courseID’ allows products to be assigned for courses providing advanced features when orders are sent to the logwood KVM (see manual referenced above for info).
            • System Options
            • New ‘SCO’ section containing new options for use with the Self-Checkout system (see manual referenced above for info).
            • SysOp: 750 – SCO system clerk
            • SysOp: 751 – SCO: Allow item correction
            • SysOp: 752 – PLU # for Bag Charge
            • SysOp: 754 – Bag charge is compulsory
            • SysOp: 755 – SCO Cancel Basket Correction Code
            • SysOp: 756 – Sale Inactivity timeout in seconds 
            • SysOp: 757 – SCO item correct correction code 
            • SysOp: 758 – SCO: Ask for receipt print
            • SysOp: 759 – SCO: Not found PLU Intervention Group 
            • SysOp: 760 – SCO: Not found PLU Intervention Tax default 
            • SysOp: 761 – SCO: Timeout with a basket: answering no will need operator to clear (else, system cancels basket)
            • SysOp: 762 – SCO: Ask for Receipt timeout
            • SysOp: 763 – SCO: Remote Admin URL
            • SysOp: 764 – SCO: Remote Admin Key
            • SysOp: 765 – SCO:  If Asking for receipt print (op 758) Dialog timeout
            • SysOp: 766 – SCO: This PoS acts as Remote Monitor for SCO
            • SysOp: 767 – SCO: Ready for new customer state flash rate in MS (0 = no flash)
            • New ‘Status’ section containing new options for use with the ‘Communication status check’ feature. 
            • SysOp: 768 – Ping host 
            • The network IP address of the host to carry out the connection checks against. 
            • SysOp: 769 – Ping host is running GPoS
            • When set ‘True’ the connection status check, will utilise the same tcp channel as the GPoS debug command prompt (via port 9155), as apposed to a standard network ping (via ICMP).

            For Further information Please see the updated GPoS Manual Document here:


            • Improvement to Balance comms (appertaining to balance operations over a Wi-Fi network)
            • When this was first written, the design of this did not cater for Wi-Fi (as it was envisaged that a dedicated order taking device would be the preferred method). over time however, more customers want to have a more feature rich mobile solution, with the ability to take balance orders in and out of Wi-Fi zones. Due to this there have been improvements to the way the system handles balance operations to stop balances locking if wifi communications drop by strengthen current error checks in code, and make sure that some connection errors are trapped.
            • Wifi Comms Improvements (Various tweaks made)
            • 1) KP printing: if an ethernet printer (or GPoS) shared printer reports a connection error, an option has been added to retry the print. NB: cant do this on connectionless printers i.e. serial
            • 2) Logwood: If the system detects data backing up in the tickets.dat (being appended to between sessions) a warning is displayed letting the user know that the data is not being currently sent to the kitchen.
            • 3) Floating Balance server logging: a new table has been created: BalanceServLog, that is populated when a balance is picked up, put down, place holder created, place holder removed. The balance at that time is also stored with the record. This will aid debugging in the case of some unknown issue, and will aid us in being able to recover a balance from a point in time.
            • 4) Checked that errors during complex processes (i.e. storing a balance as a result of the clerk being signed off), stop the process at that point so recovery of the situation is easier. 
            • System Option #440 – Disallow local balance operations if balance servers unavailableChange of use;
            • Originally, when this option was set, the system would try the main, then the backup, and if that failed, marked main and backup as bad, and user intervention was required (reset balance status's).

            Now, if the main fails, you will get an error, and if you try the operation again, it will try the main again (effectively cutting out the fall back to backup and marking as bad).

            •  The Coffee Stamp System now functions on all price levels
            • Previously gaining stamps and redeeming rewards using the ‘Coffee Stamp System’ when integrating with CRM, was for price level 1 only. This now functions across all price levels.

            Note: This functionally requires ‘FidelityGPoSLoyaltyService V1.6’ 

            1. Reader Rules now take System Option #66 – ‘Price Override is not governed by PLU Halo’, Into account.
            Previously in order for a products price to be overridden, it required the HALO (High Amount Lockout) field to be set to a value other than ‘0’. Now both manual override (Via ‘Price Override’ system key) and Price Embedded Barcode override. Take this option into account, and will allow override without checking the HALO field, when this option is set ‘True’.
            The Coffee Stamp System now functions on all price levels

            Previously gainin
            g stamps
            and redeeming rewards using the

            Coffee Stamp
            ’ when integrating with
            , was
            for price l
            evel 1 only. This now functions
            all price levels.
            requires ‘FidelityGPoSLoyaltyService V1.6’
            ader Rules
            w take

            Price Override is not
            by PLU Halo

            Into account.

            in order for a
            roducts price to be
            , it required
            the HALO (
            High Amount Lockout
            field to be set to a value other th


            oth man
            verride (

            Price Override

            ode override
            Take this option into account, and will allow override without
            checking the HALO field
            , when this
            option is set




            • Split Bill containing multibuy issue
            • A Issue that could cause the ‘Split bill’ operation on balance transactions to not function correctly, was resolved
            • Touch Screen Layout - Auto Fill Rows Feature – Text Obscured.
            • An issue that causes some test to be obscure from view on this screen has been resolved.
            • ‘£’ Symbol displaying incorrectly in discount line on Receipts, has been resolved
            • URIs – Errors where previously being displayed every 5 seconds when the resource could not be located have been supressed. They system will continue and display the next available resource instead. 
            • Systems options defaulting to incorrect value have been resolved. Due to this ‘Multibuy Hold’, no longer incorrectly defaults to ‘True’, and the default screen layout not correctly places the default system keys in the bottom left of the screen as intended.
            • Inpout32.dll file missing from installers – This has now been put back in place 

            This file is the original inpout32.dll that shipped with GPoS 159 and below. It has been moved to its own subfolder, since many manufacturers have their own version of this file for their own driver implementation (typically for cash drawer support). The problem is that each version differs, and is generally incompatible with the existing version. So if required for AURES kit, copy this dll back into the GPoS folder

            Known Issues

            • Sage 2018 Integration not functional 
            • Attempting to setup GPoS Account Integration to ‘Sage50AccountsV24.AccountLink’ will fail, with error regarding ‘ActiveX Component’

            Updated: 22 Oct 2019 08:04 PM
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