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            GPoS Utility- Receipt Logo's

            Fidelity GPoS Utility- Receipt changes

            To access the GPoS utility you need to ensure you are outside of the till software (GPoS). The best way to do this is by accessing the managers screen and selecting the “Shutdown” option; noting that this only shuts the software down and not the unit.

            While the utility has onscreen keyboards available for your data entry, it may be best to plug a keyboard into the till directly through its USB port.

            Double press the GPoS Utility to get it to load, once loaded it will present a login box like the below:

            Simply press “continue”, this will then show a blue screen but give availability to access the programming tools at the top of your screen.

            Select “Programming” at the top of your screen, followed by “database tables” and then “Printing”, the option to change the receipt header and foot information falls under “Logos”.

            The next screen you will see displays options to change the Header/footer, signature lines and the logo printed to your receipts.

            Starting with the header/footer, each line can only have a certain amount of characters before it can causes issues with the information displayed on your print out; it is worth checking your receipt printers maximum allowed characters per line. If you are unsure on this then make sure all information is spread across separate lines in an easy and readable way.

            It is possible to also make your information present in a certain way, see the below table for reference:

            Control Code



            Any data mentioned between <Don> and <DOFF> will print in double width. Please remember that this effectively halves the amount of data that can fit on a line.


            Any data mentioned between <BON> and <BOFF> will be printed in bold.


            Any data mentioned between <RON> and <ROFF> will print in red (on printers that support it).


            Print the current date and time (at the point of printing the receipt)


            Print the ecr code as specified in system option #101


            Print the ecr name as specified in system option #102


            Print the branch id as specified in system option #104

            Signature lines also follow the same rules as the above, however when GPoS is required to have a signature printed it will add the line in for you, including anything entered as above.

            With your Logo’s it can have potentially any graphics on it, provided that the image is formatted as bitmap-monochrome and keeps to a sizing ratio of a multiple of 8 in both height and width; re-sizing through paint may be required if it doesn’t print correctly.

            An example is an image from the GPoS Manual, this logo for Stella follows the multiple of 8 rule in its ratio settings and is set to be bitmap-monochrome.

            Updated: 08 May 2019 05:43 PM
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