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            GPOS V161- Digital Persona Issue

            GPOS V161 Build 6918 has been found to not include the latest digital persona drivers for the finger print readers.
            The digital persona driver it should apply is V2.2, however it can only recognize V1.4 in the system options.

            There is a fix for this issue, please apply the below:

            This DLL needs to be dropped into the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Fidelity Systems\GPoS\"

            Alongside this if you run the following in the SQL command box (GPOS utility or SQL management studio):

                  <SystemOptions diffgr:id="SystemOptions248" msdata:rowOrder="247">
                    <OptionName>Fingerprint engine selection</OptionName>
                    <OptionValue>Digital Persona 2.2</OptionValue>
                    <OptionSelectTable>{LIST}Griaule 2007{,}Digital Persona 2.2</OptionSelectTable>

            Updated: 03 Mar 2019 06:12 PM
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