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            Honeywell PDA Guide - Unable to Sync Jobs

            Having problems with the Leisure shield software not allowing you to sync 'download' jobs.

            First, can we confirm the following if your device is connected using Sim Card or Wireless;

            1. If you click on the toolbar at the top

            2. You will see a drop-down menu appear as below if you click on the phone with the two arrows symbol.

            3. You will now see a connectivity box. From here, if you click on 'Dolphin Wireless Manager'.

            4. Now you are in the DolphinWM and you will notice the following; WLAN, Bluetooth or phone. If your device is setup to use the WLAN, this should be set to 'ON'. If not, if you are set to use Sim card, please make sure Phone is set to 'ON' which you will see the device connect and give you a signal strength.

            Carrying on reading if you are using Wireless network connection (Wifi)

            5. If connected by WLAN and you've got no connection if you select WLAN Settings to confirm the device is connected to the network.

            6. If your device is set to use WLAN, if we can confirm the device by selecting the IP Address tab. If connected to the wireless, you will see the IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway information filled out, for example, and so on. If not connected will show as below

            7. If your network is not showing on the left-hand side if you click 'Scan'

            8. What will happen you will see your network listed below (In my example is blank). Click Add on your network to add to the listing.

            9. Highlight your network as below and click Activate.

            10. If you have connected before but just lost connection, if you click Reconnect. If it's your first time connecting, you will need to enter your PSK wireless password to connect.

            11. You will see the following 'Reconnect to the network' attempting to connect to your wireless network.

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