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            Instant CRM + Loyalty Service Versions available for download and install

            Instant CRM + Loyalty Service Versions available for download and install

            Released Date
            Instant CRM v2.5
            Loyalty Service v1.6
             Release Notes

            The Loyalty Service currently supports up to version of GPoS

            SQL Server Installation

            If you need to install the Fidelity SQL Instance the installer can be downloaded here - Fidelity SQL 2012 Instance


            We always recommend using up to date versions of our software however if you do have a specific need for an old version please request it from the support team. 

            We recommend that installations and upgrades are done by Fidelity staff or one of our trained re-sellers.   If you are unsure of who your re-seller is please log a support ticket giving your details of who the software is registered to (Company name) and details of any software licence codes you have and we will provide details of who the software was purchased via. Click here to create a support ticket

            Known Issues

            Mail-Merge after using Filter Bar

            This will result in an error stating that the filter is too complex.

            If you use the search button or a 'Traditional' Filters it works fine

            Legacy Products

            If you require the installer for our legacy 'Instant' packages they can be downloaded here

            Instant Loyalty v1.3.31
            Instant Leisure v1.3.28
            Instant Drilldown v1.1.11
            DBEdit Pro 

            Updated: 24 Jul 2019 07:36 PM
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