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            Keys has been tampered with! GPOS is now disabled!

            If you are experiencing problems opening up GPOS on a PC or Till.

            The troubleshooting steps to take are;

            1. It would be worth checking if over night if the PC or Till has had window updates applied which might of switch on the UAC.

            UAC can be checked under Control Panel > User Accounts and select Change user Account Control Settings.

            If UAC is on, you just need to set to 'Never Notify' and reboot the machine and retry GPOS.

            2. If UAC is off and you are still having problems.

            Please check to see if any USB Devices are plugged into the machine like an external portable hard disk or USB Stick. If so, please remove the devices and retry GPOS to see if the application opens. 

            3. If you have found it to be the case of a USB device e.g. USB Stick or Portable Hard disk plugged in, just remove and once open plug back in, if needed.

            4. If none of the above, please log a ticket to or log a ticket by the portal.
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