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            License Error when Total Control Premier Starts

            Total Control Premier- Port 4040 Error.

            Total Control Premier uses a licensing service to ensure the software is correctly licensed against your machine.
            Occasionally the service associated with the license may fail to start and give the error shown below:

            The issue could have arisen because of a restart of your machine, the service may then have failed to start in a timely fashion.

            Another reason could be that your PC has recently had a Windows Update or antivirus update, which may have disabled the service from running.

            To resolve the above error you must go into the Services; either through typing “Services.msc” into the Run field, or by starting task manager and selecting “Services”. The result either way will look like the below:

            Navigate to find the service called “Fidelity Software Licensing Service” and right click it or look to the top left of the screen, select the “Start” option. This will begin to start the service.

            Re-start your Total Control Premier application and it will present the usual login prompt.

            A prevention to the above not starting in a timely fashion would be to set the service as an “Automatic (delayed start)” startup. This will ensure that the PC starts up and all other services are launched first, then it starts the services set to be “delayed”; this is useful to do as its unlikely you will start Total Control the immediate your PC loads.

            To set this as a delayed start, see the below image, by right clicking the service and navigating to “Properties”, this will open a dialog box with a field named “Startup Type” with a drop-down selection; choose the option “Automatic (delayed start)”.

            As you can see in the properties box below, we also have a “Path to Executable”, this is where the license service sits in your C:// drive, ensure that this filepath has full administrative rights when attempting to stop/start the service.

            Updated: 09 Oct 2019 08:31 PM
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