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            Manual Sales Transactions

            Manual Sales Transactions

            A Manual sales transaction is an applet which allows you to enter a transaction at a specific date/time; including products, accounts and payment keys.

            To get to the manual sales transaction then go to “Tools” in the right side menu and select “Manual Sales Transaction” from the list. See below.

            You will then see the below screen which will allow you to create the desired transaction; below you will see a breakdown of each section and what it means for you.

            Firstly, this is site specific so ensure you choose the correct site before opening this applet.

            You will see 3 options at the top; “Save”, “Cancel” and “Additional Options”.

            Save will complete the transaction, provided you have entered all the information required for the transaction.

            Cancel will close out completely of it.

            Additional options gives you the option to “Show Filters”, the filter is applied above the product list at the bottom.

            Inside the “transaction header” you will see the date/time, clerk, POS and Customer account. These can all be changed to your liking.

            Clerks are specific to that site, unless otherwise synchronised.

            POS will be the specific till you want the sale against inside Total Control.

            Customer account will only work if you use the accounts software.

            It won’t let you save the transaction at this point as more information is required.

            Next is to add an amount to the payment types you have setup inside your database; if you click inside the “Value” column next to the chosen payment account it will allow you to input a value.

            At this point you will need to have a transaction type added, there are 3 options available to you; “Product”, “Paid In” and “Paid Out”. Ensure you have setup the relevant Paid in/out parts before using this option.

            Once a type is selected you can then search for a product by code, either enter the known code or select the little box next to the “code” row and this will bring a product list search for you.

            You will now notice that there is a row with the chosen products inside them, you can change the Price levels, any modifiers, the QTY of that product sold and ultimately the price of the product if it doesn’t want to be default.

            If you are happy with this, then select “Save”. If the payment key totals match the amount of your product value, then it will save straight through. If it doesn’t then you will be presented with the following message:

            If you select “Yes” it will change it for you so the cash total matches the full total of the product list, selecting “no” will stay on the page and not save.
            You will now be able to see this transaction inside your Journal Reporting Applet.
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