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            New NUSSL Offer - Meal Deal plus additional item

            New NUSSL Offer - Meal Deal plus additional item

            We have been made aware of an offer that is available via NUSSL which is the current meal deal plus an additional item with the price varying depending on the item.

            Currently you are not able to run this offer through your Fidelity system.

            We are speaking to NUSSL for clarification of the offer and to see if we can do anything to make it work


            for £3.29

            Add selection of protein bar for £1.50
            Add selection KP Nuts for £0.75
            Add chocolate bar £0.50

            How Can i Set this up as things stand?

            Our current recommendation is to setup a screen page and have buttons on there for the extra items.  You will need to create duplicate plus for each product in the offer with the appropriate price, e.g. a meal deal chocolate protein bar with a selling price of £1.50 and link this plus back to the original protein bar at the standard selling price. This link will ensure the stock is taken from the correct place.
            Updated: 08 May 2019 05:43 PM
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