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            Scanner settings on HHT Skorpio's

            This guide will show you how to check that the scanner options are set correctly on the Skorpio x3 and X4 HHT units.
            To start off we will need to load the Decoding applet. This can be found in the control panel. The control panel is accessed by clicking the start menu in the bottom left > Settings > Control Panel.

            We now need to make sure the following bar code types are setup correctly.
            To access these in decoding select configure > 1D Barcode and tap the bar code type you want to check.

            Below are screenshots of the relevant settings needed for scanning barcodes.



            Interleaved 2/5



            Once done click the OK button in the top right to close the decoding applet.
            Barcodes should now scan correctly on the HHTs with no missing digits.
            Updated: 22 Aug 2019 12:09 AM
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