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            Stock Transactions via GPOS

            Stock Transactions via GPOS

            Stock transactions such as; deliveries, orders, returns etc. Can be processed through the GPOS terminal.

            The requirements are GPOS 159 and later, so that site information can be sent to the tills.

            Inside Total Control Premier, enter the “Communications Screen” and select “Send Data” then your tills you want to send the data to, finally select the “Sites” and “finish” to send site data down to the tills.

            Navigate to the Touchscreen layout in “GPoS Specifics”, like below you will see the standard touchscreen layout for your site:

            On the left pane where you would find your products and system options, select the “system” tab.

            Inside here you will see multiple stock options, organised alphabetically. Select the stock transactions you want on your allocated screen and drag them across to the layout.

            Once you are happy with the styling of it your button, then select “Save & Close”.

            Communicate this down to the till by pressing “send updates”, this way the changes you have made will be automatically selected.

            Below is a screenshot of a “delivery mode” button I have added to my screen, when pressed it puts me into the delivery mode; please note that you must finish the transaction on the current clerk before initiating this mode.

            At this point you would either scan the products into the system to be delivered/wasted/stocked, or press them on the screen to enter them in as well.

            Hitting “Save” will then send this in Realtime to your Total Control software, by default this will come in as un-committed, allowing you to make changes if necessary.

            The stock transaction mode you have entered will appear in the relevant section of Total Control; Stocktake mode in the stocktake screen for the site and delivery mode in the deliveries screen.

            An alternative way to setting this up could be including it inside of a Macro.

            The Macro would include the Stock mode inside it and then an allocated screen page, of which has your usual products listed on it to be entered; this can coincide with scanning the products into the system too.

            When created you would drag the Macro onto the touch screen layout, rather than the system key as above.

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