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            TCP Stock Add / Edit Screen Slow (DB51)

            Performance issues in stock add/edit screens after TCP 2.09.7026 (DB51)


            When going into a stock screen such as a stocktake or delivery, the initial load of the screen takes longer than previously experienced on other versions.


            In the last version of TCP there has been a fix done to the option “Use product ‘To Date’ field” (found under Stock Add/Edit Screen). This is set to ‘False’ by default. It then forces a query to be calculated for sales data on the fly when the stock screen is loaded, even on small product systems (1000 products) there is a noticeable delay. Setting this option to ‘True’ means the system will take advantage of the option “To Date Field To Display” which can be customised to use various pre-set ranges specified on "Product to Date maintenance". This means you can change the default depending on how far you want the sales data to go back. The default is the "Last 4 Weeks".

            *Please note if you don’t have product to date fields enabled, you will need to configure these, this is done through an applet generally under the menu heading Setup, the applet is called “Product to Date Maintenance”. You can enable all of these and we would recommend making the run frequency synchronise in accordance to how quickly you want to see an update on the field so you might want the last 7 days to run every 4 hours for example*

            Updated: 22 Aug 2019 08:19 PM
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