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            Total Control Premier- Unable to Open applets.

            Total Control Premier- Unable to open any applets.

            If you are unable to access any of the applets in your menu then it could be due to several things.

            Firstly, have you tried coming out of the application and re-launching Total Control.

            If this has been done but there is no difference, then maybe try to run Total Control Premier as an administrator.

            Should the menu layout look like the below then follow the below steps:

            At the top of your screen select the “Tools” option and then “Customise Menu”, it is worth checking everything is saved before selecting this as it will close all open applets.

            Once in Customisation mode it will show “***Customising Menu***” at the top of your screen.

            Right click on the left side menu where your applets are (this can be anywhere) and select “Menu Behaviour”, it is likely this it is set to “VS2005 Toolbox”, if you select the top option of “Explorer Bar (default)” then that will present the menu in the typical layout as below.

            Updated: 08 May 2019 05:43 PM
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