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            URI Scheduling

            URI Scheduling

            Should any of the below applets not be available then please see the “Adding an Applet to the Total Control Premier Menu” knowledge article.

            Creating URI’s in Total Control:

            Go to “GPOS Specifics” in Total Control and then “URI List” and click add.

            By default this will give it the next available code, however this can be changed. Give it a suitable name.

            For the “address” field you can specify any web address or file location for it to display; please note however that the till should be able to see this location too; therefore if it is an image file on the PC then it must be a location the till also has access to.

            Once you enter a location or web address it will display it below as a preview. (See image).

            We recommend either a shared location or a dropbox link for images; the preferred method being dropbox as even if you encounter network drops it will be able to see the location locally.

            Set the duration in seconds for how long you want it to show the image for, if there is only 1 image showing then this option is redundant.

            Creating URI’S in GPOS:

            Enter the GPOS utility and then “programming” followed by “Database Tables” and “URI Related”.

            If you enter “URI’s” then it displays in a similar way to Total Control, see above.

            It is possible to not use Total Control for URI setup, therefore the tills could look locally for the files and the user could just drop images onto the root location on the till.

            Scheduling URI’s in Total Control:

            Go to “GPOS Specifics” and then “URI Schedule” followed by “maintain”.

            The URI you have just created will appear as an “Available URI”, therefore click and drag it onto the day’s you want it to show on.

            This will add an expandable option beside the day where the URI’s assigned to that day are available, if you click on one of the URI’s you can then specify some more details on it.

            The duration in seconds is the default you set on the URI previously, however this can be overridden by your schedule, further into this you can specify the URI to show on certain dates and times; an example would be your website showing on the morning in a restaurant environment and then drinks offers shown when the bar opens up, times would be changed to display offers dependent on days.

            Scheduling URI’s in GPOS:

            Scheduling inside GPOS follows the same rule as Total Control.

            See the above image, here I have set my new URI to be 39 seconds in duration running 13th February during the hours of 18:32:44 to 20:32:44, therefore during this time it will display the image for 39 seconds before either the next image or looping back to itself.

            Pre-requisites for using URI’s on the till.

            GPOS uses Firefox to display the webpages and images, however it will only allow a specific version of Firefox to run; anything older/newer will result in a failure while running GPOS.

            If you run the GPOS installer again or change the installer through “programs and features”, select “custom” and select “Firefox” then this will add version 29 of Firefox to the till, this should then be installed from the C:\programfiles\Fidelity systems\GPOS\ folder.

            Ensure that you also set the following system options:

            292- Set to second monitor or screen displayed as secondary.

            293- The size the image will be displayed, transaction screen facing customer will appear larger if image shortened.

            117- (Web browser path) This is the location of the firefox .exe file; when putting the location don’t include the EXE and include only the path.

            467- Set to True

            Updated: 13 Feb 2019 02:51 AM
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