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            Verifone VX 680 Bluetooth Pairing Instructions

            Please see below the bluetooth re-pair instructions:

             1. Restart the terminal. To turn off, remove from the charging cradle and hold down the red Cancel button for approx 5 seconds. To turn on, hold down the green Enter button or place in to the charging cradle – terminal will turn on after approx 3 – 5 seconds.

            2. Press SETUP (touch-screen) when display shows; “PRESS ENTER TO START COMMUNICATION”

            3. Enter the setup password of ‘2580’ followed by the green Enter button.

            4. Press “1” Network Settings

            5. Press the down arrow (touch-screen)

            6. Press “1” BT Base Settings

            7. Press “2” Reset BT Base

            8. Enter MGR PIN (5555)

            9. Select YES when prompted with “DO YOU WISH TO RESET BLUETOOTH SETTINGS ?” Setting will be cleared and return to previous screen

            10. Press the Blue button on rear of the Bluetooth Charging Cradle - the Blue light will begin to flash 

            11. Press “1” BT Base Scan 

            12. The terminal will search Bluetooth signals and show a list of available devices after approx 30 seconds.

            13. Select the “MAC:” number that matches number shown on underside of Bluetooth Charging Cradle. The terminal will show “Connecting” for a few seconds before returning to previous screen 

            14. Press the red Cancel button three times to go back to the initial “PRESS ENTER TO START COMMUNICATION” screen.

            15. Press the green Enter button to start communications

            16. The terminal should connect and show the Login ID prompt after approx 30 seconds. 
            Updated: 08 May 2019 05:43 PM
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