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            Yespay GPoS Integration

            This guide is not intended for End Users to follow. A competent Fidelity Installer or Reseller should install the chip and pin

            How to setup Yespay with GPoS and a Verifone SC5000

            Items Required

            1. Verifone SC5000 loaded with the YesPay firmware (contact YesPay regarding the firmware which can be downloaded from there website complete with instructions
            2. The latest version of YesPays "Easy V Terminal", this can be downloaded from - The latest version Fidelity have tested against is - To use the new versions you will need to be on a minimum of GPoS 155.
            3. GPOS installed and setup on the EPoS terminal

            Installing The Hardware

            Connect the SC5000 to a serial port on your EPoS terminal and note the port number it is connected to.

            Apply power to your SC5000 and ensure the the pinpad powers on and loads to a screen that displays "19200,8,N,1"

            If the display on your SC5000 displays any other message you need to download the yespay firmware to your pinpad (consult Yespays documentation) the most common error are "RAM OS Missing" or "Download Required"

            Installing and configuring Easy V Terminal

            Locate your Easy V Terminal installer and double click the Setup Icon.

            When prompted for the installtion folder name leave this as default unless you require otherwise (this will not affect GPoS), then click install.

            Once Easy V Terminal has installed use My Computer to browse to the Easy V Terminal folder C:\YESEFT is the default , in this folder you will find a file called YESEFT Config.exe double click this file.  You will be presented with the setup screen.  The settings you need to change are towards the bottom of the screen. By default the general TAB will be selected.

            The essential settings to be set on the general TAB are :-

            1. Environment must be set to - POS
            2. Pin Pad - This drop down must be set to the Pad you are using
            3. Com Port - Set this to the COM port your pin pad is plugged into

            Click on the Receipt TAB.


            The essential settings to set on the Receipt TAB are :-

            1. Receipt Width - set to match the char width of you receipt printer TM88II printers = 42
            2. Print Receipt - Ensure this is Unticked

            Click on the Look n Feel TAB.

            The essential setting on the Look n Feel TAB are :-

            1. Always on top

            Once you have changed the above settings click OK to save the settings.

            Setting the Yespay Merchant ID and Terminal ID

            *********We advise being connected to the internet from this point onwards***********

            Locate your Easy V Terminal installer and double click the Emboss Setup.bat file

            You will be prompted to enter the Instance ID. Press enter for the default instance (presuming you used default instance in YESeftconfig as we instructed

            You will be prompted to key in your "Merchant ID" key this in and press enter (this will have been provided by Yespay)

            You will be prompted to key in your "Termianl ID" key this in and press enter (this will have been provided by Yespay)

            If this has been completed successfully you will see the screen below

            Press any key to exit the configuration setup.

            Running YesPay

            To start YesPay running you need to double click on the StartYesEft icon. We recommend putting a shortcut to this file into the startup. THis has now been changed to be StartPOSServer from version

            When YesPay is running you will get a black DOS box open with the following lines in it:-

            C:\YESEFT>set classpath=

            C:\YESEFT>call setenv.bat

            This screen can be minimized, but it will just sit behind GPoS when it is running.

            You will also have an icon in the task tray which when you put the curser over it displays, Powered by EMBOSS.

            Configuring GPoS

            Setting up the Peripheral

            You need to add a peripheral under the peripheral .  The peripheral you need to add is Emboss YesPay NOT EFT.  Give the peripheral a recognizable name e.g. yespay.

            Setting System Options

            Firstly, you need enable the peripheral in the system options.  If you go to system options grouped, then the peripherals tab.  The option you require is #218, if you double click the option, you will get a list to select the EFT devices added to the system.

            Secondly, you need to check the settings under the EFT tab in system options.

            1. EFT ask for cashback - true or false depending on whether the customer is offering
            2. EFT Delay between receipts - this can be left at 0 unless you have problems with YesPay receipts
            3. EFT Hospitality Mode - set this to FALSE when using a wired chip and pin terminal.

            Setting up the Payment Types.

            Under databases select payment types.  You will need to either add a payment type for Cards (or whatever description you choose) or edit an existing payment type.

            Setup your payment type as per normal but ensure that the following options are ticked

            • Is EFT
            • Over Tender prohibited

            If you are offering cashback you will also need to tick the Ask For Cashback option.

            Card Holder not present

            When you fill in the YesPay application forms you will need to ensure that you tick the box titled 'Mail/Tel Order (CNP - customer not present)'

            On the Touch Screen Layout you need to add the 'Manual Card Entry' button. You press this button and enter the information BEFORE pressing the EFT payment button.

            In order to process CNP transaction you may need to setup additional security questions on YesPay.  This is done by running the YESEFT Config application.  You need to select the AVS Rules TAB.  Under here you need to tick the option 'Apply AVS confirmation ruls'.  You can then choose what verification you require. (Consult YesPay for further information on this)

            Things to be aware of

            When you fill in the YesPay application forms do not tick cash back - GPoS handles this.

            YesPay have recently released a newer version of their application to support P2PE, the software virtually looks the same however some changes are required for it to link correctly, it will require the following changing for it to continue working:

            1. Change Yes-Pay interface to file.

            2. Create a input.txt file and process it for key change to take place.

            3. Return it to Socket Interface.

            4. If you have any issues after this please remove and set back up the Yes-Pay peripheral within Gpos

            Updated: 25 Jun 2019 08:08 PM
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