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            GPoS Pre-Requisites and Integrations

            GPoS Pre-Requisites and Integrations

            This document is intended to show details of operating systems and third party applications that GPoS requires either as a requirement or as an optional add-on. 

            We will follow the manufacturers 'Lifecycle Policy' and will continue to support Fidelity applications against pre-requisites and 3rd Party applications whilst they are still in a supported state. There may be occasions where in order to utilise new functionality available in up to date versions compatibility with older versions is broken. We will provide notification of these scenarios as soon as we become aware of them.

            Items highlighted in red are either at or past their 'End of Support' period and as such support by Fidelity is not guaranteed


            Microsoft Applications

            GPoS runs on PC's running Microsoft Windows Operating systems utilising the Microsoft .NET Framework. It also requires a Microsoft SQL Database which can be hosted locally or across the network.

            Details on Microsoft's Lifecycle Policy can be found here

            Operating Systems

            GPoS will run on the following operating systems:-
            Desktop Operating Systems
            Desktop Operating Systems
            Windows 10 32/64bit
            Windows 8/8.1 (All editions) 32/64bit
            Windows 7 (All editions) 32bit
            Windows 7 (All editions) 64bit - Service pack 1 and later
            Windows Vista

            Windows XP All versionsSupported up to GPoS 162 only

            Server Operating Systems
            Windows Server 2016 - 64bit
            Windows Server 2012 - 64bit
            Windows Server 2008R2 - 64bit - Service pack 1 and later

            Windows Server 2008 32/64bit - Service pack 2 and laterSupported up to GPoS v2.06.xxxx

            Microsoft .Net Framework 

            GPoS requires Microsoft .NET Framework v3.5 or above to run.

            This is included as part of the install package

            Microsoft SQL Server

            The system uses a Microsoft SQL database and full DBO access to the database is required. The database MUST be held locally on the POS terminal.

            GPoS Version Supported up toExtended Support End Date
            SQL Server 2016
            SQL Server 2014
            SQL Server 2012
            SQL Server 2008 R2
            SQL Server 2008
            SQL Server 2005

            SAP Crystal Reports

            GPoS uses SAP Crystal Reports runtime engine for .NET Framework. GPoS v1.61 introduces support for SAP Crystal Reports Version 13 build 20.

            Prior versions used SAP Crystal Reports Version 13 build 10.

            Optional Integrations

            EFT Payments

            Verifone Payware

            Contact for more information


            Limited support

            WorldPay / YesPay

            Up to and including IPC-2-225 the integration works. You will need GPoS v162 for this. If not you will find that on void/cancelled transaction two customer copies are printed.

            IPC-2-226 is a not currently supported


            Retail mode is currently supported
            We no longer support the Pay at Table mode.


            Limited support



            GPoS Customer Accounts


            Sage Accounts (Formerly known as Line 50) is supported up to Sage Accounts 2019 (v25)

            The Sage integration is currently under review with a decision to be made on whether the integration it is to be continued with future versions of Sage.


            Welcome 21

            Contact for more information

            Resident Pro

            Uses the GPoS Rooms Text file interface


            Contact for more information

            Avon Data

            Contact for more information





            No longer supported


            No longer supported

            Counter Solutions

            Customer specific integration. Not on general release


            No longer supported

            Magna Carta

            Contact for more information


            Customer specific integration. Not on general release

            Upay Chilli

            Customer specific integration. Not on general release

            In-Store Payment


            Contact for more information



            Contact for more information
            Updated: 15 Oct 2019 06:34 PM
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